Monday, April 15, 2013

Diffuse Reflection and Transmission BSDF

My improved BSDF system is very general and makes it really easy to add new BSDFs that contain any kind of reflection and transmission. To test this, I implemented a constant BSDF of 1/(2π). It's defined over the entire sphere, so it diffusely reflects half of the incident light and diffusely transmits the other half.

I rendered the image below in my bidirectional path tracer. The blue monkey on the left uses this new constant BSDF, giving it a soft and translucent appearance (putting a light behind the monkey would illustrate the translucency better). My next couple blog posts will describe the BSDFs I used for the other monkeys in this image.

The blue monkey on the left uses this constant-valued, reflecting and transmitting BSDF.

A close-up of the blue monkey.

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