Sunday, April 14, 2013

Multiple Light Sources

I added support for multiple light sources to my bidirectional path tracer. For now, when selecting an origin light for the light subpath, all of the lights are chosen with equal probability, but I will soon make the probability of selecting a particular light proportional to its total emitted power.

One light source.

Two light sources, same total power.

Two different colored light sources, same total power.


  1. Nice progress! I suppose bidirectional volume rendering is next, if you haven't done it already?

    I like how smooth your results are. Which pixel reconstruction filter are you using? Gaussian? Or are the images simply a bit out of focus?

    1. Thank you Anders! You're right, bidirectional volume rendering is one of the next things I'd like to implement.

      Yes, I am using a Gaussian pixel reconstruction filter, which does make the results look smoother. Parts of the images are out of focus as well, because they all have depth of field.